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Top Speed After Motor Conversion


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Can somebody tell what there current Topspeed is after there Motorconversion ( 4a-gze , 4a-ge 20v both Japanmotors) because the Japmotors gonot faster than 180 km/h ???

what thit you do to changes the Topspeed of these engines in your Rolla ( AE 101 or AE111) :bye:

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But what is it that the those Japannees engines won,t go fastre than 180km/h , what thit you do that yours is going faster .

a clubmember here in the Netherlands has a 4a-ge 20 silvertop and there is a speedlimiter on that stops the topspeed at 180 km/h ?????

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The speed limiter cuts in at 120mph most days on my JDM AE101 4A-GZE.

It varies between 110 and 125mph depending on what sort of mood the engine/car is in. :)

Fensport sell a speed de-limiter by Blitz i think, also the Apex'i RSM removes the limiter on most Japanese engines/ECU's. I am going to fit my new Apex'i RSM in the next month so I will let you know whether it works on the Jap 4A-G engines. Bonus. :hokus-pokus:

:bookworm: If you do not have your SPD wire connected from the ECU to the odometer then the speed limiter will not function because the ECU will not be able to detect what speed you are travelling at - it is not recommended to cut this wire because the engine will not run smoothly in traffic jams/ start-stop conditions.

The End :thumbsup:


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you can add a very simple 'divide by two' circuit available all over the place, forget the fancy brand names its just a diode that halfs the pulse to make the ecu get a reading of half its supposed to, so when your doing 100mph the ecu thinks your doing 50mph. The cars run fine on these no matter what the traffic is like also as it doesnt affect the fuelling circuit like posted before its just the speed sensor unit.

check out the Aus sites they use them alot

loads of companies sell these, i've even seen a wiring diag on the net somewhere for them, its very simple.

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