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Mannix Immobiliser Alarm?


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A mate has bought one of these and they look pretty cool, alot of wireing though, it can start your engine in the worning demist your windows etc.

Seem a bit cheap for what it does though :blink:

Anyone got one of these? Any ideas how much to get professionally installed?


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Really cheap but...

the offer's over now.

Plus, you need "extras" to get it to work- no ultrasonics, an extra £50. Does your key have a transponder? Then you need the transponder adaptor, £50. Plus it looks like you also need a relay for each channel you want to control. Not sure about that bit tho.

What's it's list price?

Installing? gawd knows. I'd guess to get it all operational- lights, sensors, remote start, immobiliser, locking, demist etc you'd be looking at a day- esp. if the fitter hadn't experienced that unit on that car before. Nightmare job...

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