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Stupid Drivers...


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Why are people such prats on the road ??

I don't know if it's becuase they think .... "oooh... a sporty car... bet you I can beat it" or what.

People get right up yer butt on the motorway

People try to race you from the lights

Annoying !!

I pulled up at some lights the other night and some guy was in his flash looking motor ( didn't see what it was ). Lights went green and he absolutely floored the thing. I thought sod this and planted my foot also..... a few seconds later... bye bye !!

Even the g/friend had a chuckle at that one.. usually if I do anything like that I get a row.. :(

I also had someone right up my butt in road works (40mph zone) and there lights were blinding me for ages !!! I was in 2 minds to slam my foot on the brake them accelerate away quickly to give the guy a scare and get him to back off a bit.

Muppets !! They're all muppets I tell thee !

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I laugh at people sitting in novas sitting next to me at lights reving their engine. Like... what are they thinking ... seriously...

fair doos.. for some peeps a nova is their pride and joy etc.... but c'mon... what are they hoping to acheive ??? Exhaust fumes in there face ??

OMG !! :eek: look at the time... sh*t. I'm up at 5 for work... DOH !!!!!

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Funny that, just comin home from work, H reg civic tailgating me up dual carriageway, I pull over and he HAS to get past before the roundabout slams brakes on and nearly loses it. All done while I'm quietly chuckling to myself :lol:


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Well, what I do when I'm still in the red light, is to rev it!!! rev it to the red!!! :o :o :o to make them furious, to make them think "I can handle it"

And when the green goes on I drive like an old lady, shifting at 2K rmp. :lol::lol::lol:

After that hell run the do, a few seconds later I arrive to the next red light, beside them " wanna try again...?" I say, and they silly boys TRY AGAIN !!! :lol::lol::lol:

They're so stupid.

I dont race them, Its too dangerous to speed in the city.


Coyote "Bullit" from BA


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I get it every day!... BM's mainly... they really do think they have a quick motor sometimes.. Ok i wouldnt play with an M3 but then i dont have m3's tailgating me.. never have done.

novas are better.. the pull away seems more dramatic and they look even more stupid.

Calbras, golf GTI's and XR3i's are my fav...

although the Golf 4 Motion was really quick he gently faded away.. i dont like it when they gently fade away :unsure:

this is out of the town of course!

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I had a cracking race down the m4 months ago with a Audi S4, Mitsubishi FTO, Honda S2000 and obviously me in the gt4.

Think i've already posted this.

Lot of fun, the only dude that could keep up was the S4 and i soon put a stop to that :D

I do find that everyone has something to prove on the road, im not saying im diffrent. Sure i love to take on Evo's and Scooby's. But if a R34 V-Spec met me at the lights i would be quiet because im not going to make myself look stupid :lol:

Which makes me wonder why people in Civic Type R's and Saxo VTS Turbo's think they can take me on. Do they want to look stupid? :rolleyes:

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