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Time To Move On...


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Well guys, after 1 year 2 months, and a large number of posts I've just dropped Steve a PM to step down as a TOC Super Moderator. I'm spending next to no time on the boards and with work commitments and new girlfriend I have next to no time to log on and don't feel right holding a super mod place for a club I hardly ever use anymore.

I'm also in the process of another online project which will be launched in the new year once I've got all the leg work and organisation sorted out which a few of you know about and am sure more will hear once it's up and running but we'll leave that one be for the time being....

Good Luck with the club and hope to pop on ocasionally and try and get to some of the meets....


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thx peeps, it'll be online so am sure a few peeps might visit, I won't say anything yet as still a load of work to do first but hoping to be big.

Do we get a clue???

S'pose a new year a new start makes sense :thumbsup:

Good look whatever you get up to, and a belting xmas and new year to you.

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all the best mate.keep in touch i think you have my email and phone#.make sure you pop in to the forums from time to time you'll be missed.

best wishes


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