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Headlights Bulbs For Yaris


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IMHO best are PIAA Xtreme whites, closely followed by PIAA Super Whites depending if you like a bluish tint. Only thing is the price!

But you will certainly notice the difference! :thumbsup:

Failing that try Phillips Blue Visions or Osram Silver Stars they are much cheaper than PIAA bulbs but nbetter than stock bulbs.

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ive got ring sportz blue 100w bulbs in mine there gret just need sum white LED sidelights now, the only down side is my bulbs arent roadlegal but bin ok so far

snap but without the sidelights

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thanks guys but i still dont get it because the bulb you said is blue so when they shining out is mean they are blue or white because my dad has a porsche boxster s the lights on the porsche just the business but i just wonder where can i get those bulb like the porsche but i mean very close with that i know the one on porsche has was very very expensive but is those bulds PIAA Xtreme whites,Phillips Blue Visions and Osram Silver Stars will be very close like that.because i dont want after i put them on but i really not happy with that at all.and did any one know which web site i can order from them.and if some one got a picture with the result to show those brand of bulbs comparison with the stuppid factory bulbs will be great

mant thanks!!!! :help:

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