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Hi all I've just joined in the hope you can help me with a problem on my brothers car.

He has a 95 Curren Which as you probably know is based on the celica.

It is a ST207 model (2 litre) with 4WS.

The front left CV joint has gone and he has been quoted £350 plus £50 labour for a new one!

This sounds like a rip off to me. My question is would a driveshaft off a celica fit onto his car?

Surely the drivetrain is just the same as a celica? It even has celica wheels!

Any information would be much appreciated.


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Most definately a rip off. There's still a lot of garages that are prepared to quote silly prices just because a car's an import. You are right in thinking that the running gear is Celica based. Get along to a decent motor factor that sells Blueprint parts and they should be able to cross reference a CV joint for you. Compare the old and new parts before fitting, especially the number of splines. Keep the receipt in case it's the wrong one. It's not a hard DIY job if you're ok with a set of spanners, and you should be able to do the whole job for around the £50 mark.

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