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It keeps happening to me.. I make posts.. replies to various topics, etc etc.. and come back to find my posts have vanished????

I have heard a few other people saying the same thing.. whats happening? database errors??? they were nice happy clean posts too :lol:

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I know for sure one disapeared from mateys Toyota RunX 140RT pics topic... one from the 1JZ vs 2JZ... and a few more dotted about here and there... chances are its my rubbish net connection.. they have defo not been moderated or anything as

a, there was no cause to,

b, usually there is some form of evidence or message left by the mods..

It just looks like they were never ever posted thru...... it does this on some EZboard forums too (damn I hate that setup).. I was windering if anyone else gets anything like this.... or is the world out to get me again??? :lol:

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