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My Worst Xmas To Date

pizza boy

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Ok long story short...going to edinburgh for xmas...for first time ever felt a problem with my 2.... a quick single misfire on way to edinburgh..dissapeared, thought nowt of it...then 20 min later juddered with loss /regain of power..15 sec later conked out in hard shoulder..cackin my pants...car is dead....fired it up again started no probs nice and clean....got to edburgh..car seems fine... but g/f suddenly very sick..spews 10+ times her xmas ruined(an mine guh!)..next day car wont start!....had to call AA...AA guy is useless cant find the fault.. also claims im not eligible for UK wide tow....he leaves.. I phone AA to complain and they realise thier mistake ...2nd AA man comes out...decent dude..finds problem is rotor arm and dizzy..but AGAIN tells me im no eligible for UK tow... lots of phoning by him.. waiting and finally its all ok'd...we get towed back to Glasgow...I order a ho0j takeaway when I get home... and now as a result I have a pleasant case of the good ol runnies....uuurgh :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

Im staying in next year...

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don't stay in m8. I had a blast this xmas, Streets were DEAD all during the day, best fun i've had in a long time :)

Tho my speedo bustin on boxing day was prolly due to that...

Ah well, ya lose sum, ya win sum ;)


hehe dont i know.

got pulled for speeding on christmas morning going to g/f's dads.

only a single girly in a panda car so couldnt touch me anyways! she had a rant and explained how she had to stay in 2nd gear up the hill i was speeding up - just to stay within sight of me!

hahahah merry christmas coppers! :P

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