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Radio Cover Thingys


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hey i just got myself a decent cd player fitted into my cynos - before my radio and cd were seperate - now they are one, can some one point me in the right direction to get a hole filler thing as there is a massive %$(ing hole in my dash now :D



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get the radio tray out of a paseo, this is a bracket with a blank for the top part and the radio screws into the bottom part, theirs a couple of scrap yards that have got paseos in, see some of my other posts for details, prob wont cost more than a tenner including posting

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hey guys.

i have a starlet and there is a blanking thing under my cd player (like there is room for a second cd player).

i'm interested in getting an insert for this and was wondering if anyone knew if there was a toyota part for this?

i'd rather have soem more storage than a blanking plate that sticks out quite a bit!

il'l check out Halfords for the generic tray mentioned above too.



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Cubby hole is £10 (FP1101) from autoleads ... I swapped my cubby to the top position, cupholders live under the ashtray..

cool, sounds sweet. i saw cupholders that fit onto your air vents in Halfords and was gonna get them for the middle vents as i never use them in my car anyway (always have my air set to feet and windscreen :)) any chance of a pic of yours? what sort of cup holders have you got? i've always thought the centre storage in the starlets was a bit crap, the bit infront of the gear stick is pretty much useless for anymore than one thing, and then it usually ends up at your feet if you go round a corner too fast!

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sweet, looks good!

i'm not sure there is a gap at the bottom that i could get that sort of a cup holder, i'll have to check. might just go for the air vent ones.

i just got a set of pioneer Speakers to replace the stock ones in the front. looking at the autoleads pocket as well. i'll turn it into a great wee car yet :)

cheers guys

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