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Fitted Clear Corner Lights


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Okay so I fitted clear corner lights to my MkII Rev3 MR2 the other day. This involved getting orange bulbs to replace the clear ones for the indicators.

Anyway on getting the orange bulbs I noticed the two notches at the base of the bulb were in a slightly diffrent place to the clear bulbs so they did not fit properly into the sockets.

I managed to get them to sit tightly until today when one of them has stopped working. Im not sure if it has come loose or blown but I can see that Im going to have problems.

Can I get orange bulbs that connect correctly to the sockets on the car?? What have you guys done who have clear corners??

Please help as I dont want to go ripping out the clear corner lights every few days to fiddle with the indicator bulbs :(

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This should be of help, if it aint sorry for posting it :)

Front light cluster clear lens upgrade - IMOC


That does help actually. The bit about filing one of the notches on the base of the orange bulb made sense. Still its a bit annoying that someone doesnt make those bulbs with the same connectors as the white bulbs.

Now I just need to find out why one of them has stopped working 4 days after fitting it :(

Really didnt want to go pulling those damn lights out again! grrrr!

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The offset bayonet pins are a safety feature, intended to stop ppl putting orange bulbs in fittings designed for white ones and vice versa. You could always get the rev 5 bulbholders, designed for the lamps with offset pins.

Yeah i was thinking of doing that. Would I need to get those directly from Toyota?

I wonder how much they charge for a pair of those.

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