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What Are The Best Spark Plugs/ht Leads?

pizza boy

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Ive already ordered Magnecor HT leads as I discovered my current Splitfire items are 'pop on pop off' which is incorrect for a rev4.

Is there any difference created by the size of HT leads? Look at the following :

My current Splitfire items = 8.6mm

Magnecor items = 8.5mm

Stock Toyota size = 5mm

Whats up with this? Is size just a gimmick as im sure Toyota specifies the best settings surely?

Also What are the best spark plugs as I dont want to go spend £70 on TRD/Blitz/Denso Iridiums and find out NGK platinums would have been just as effective for £30.

Is there higher spec dizzy caps/rotor arms that I could purchase? Or am I stuck with MrT items?

Thx 4 any help :thumbsup:

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usualy the lead thickness is in the sheath not the core so i would think the magnecore and the splitfire are the same. as for plugs it depends what you plan to do. if youre going to go for high boost/power then get the iridiums now it'll save you binning good plugs later but if your going to leave it pretty much stock or small boost upgrade the platinums will be ok :thumbsup:

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Ah well that clears the size question up thanks dawsey. I am planning on increasing boost from 13psi to 16psi very soon. Would this 3psi increase warrant Iridium plugs or is only serious increases of 17+psi worth it?

I am ordering dizzycap,rotor arm and plugs 2morrow as my car is off the road due to an eaten rotorarm and dodgy dizzy. Plugs are flooded to due repeated start up attempts so im gettin new plugs also(they are half worn anyway).Magnecor leads are arrivin 2morrow too.

I have searched around for variations of dizzycaps and apparently on the imoc site there is a broken link to www.gts-imports.co.uk that deal in 'modified' copper dizzycaps. I have also noticed Bibbs has one of these (in his sig) what is thier benifit? Should I hold out ordering a dizzy from MrT and get a copper un?

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Aha..researched and found out the copper uns resist a build up of sh :censor: t on the contacts and dont need scraping off that is required with standard aluminium ones.

BUT I am planning on increasing boost from stock 13psi to 16psi very soon. Would this 3psi increase warrant Iridium plugs or is only a serious increases of 17+psi worth it?

Also I want to detox the fuelling and oil. For oil What are the best products for fuel and oil changes?

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Hmmm after reading loads an loads of reviews and comparisons the best over all plugs are.....HKS Platinums...which are no longer made bah! Apparently Many Iridium plugs out there are rebranded Denso items such as HKS and Greddy etc and are not that great.

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Yea I had 8.5mm Magnecors on my rev3 turbo, but unfortunately they were the wrong type for my car (leads without clips when I needed clips!) so they kept getting wet.

Went to Fensport to get some new ones but they only had the 5mm magnecors in stock for my engine. I asked Andy if there's any difference between the two and he said that there's no noticeable difference and that they use the 5mm's on their high BHP engines anyway.

So bought the 5mm's and they're fine!


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Yea matt same ere so stupid of the jap owner . You can clearly feel the gap where water can get in too. LOL I found out my car was owned by a woman in japan cos its still got its jap parking permit sticker with her details on it and I got a japanese peep on my course to read it hehe.

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If you dont know the service history of the car its best to replace the HT, plugs and distributer. Youll deffo get an improvement not only in drivability (even actual BHP in some cases) but more importantly your fuel consumption will be far better as will your start up.

They are very easy to replace too if you have the tools.

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Things to change are :

NGK Platinum Spark plugs = Halfords

HT leads = Magnecor (from fensport or direct from magnecor)

Distributer cap = MrT

Rotor arm = MrT

Engine oil = Castrol (Halford)

Gearbox oil = Redline MT90 - (from Delta Oils 01572758311 or Demon Tweeks)

Fuel filter - MrT

Oil filter - MrT

Alternator+AirCon belts= MrT

It comes up to about £200. Labour at any half decent garage will be prolly an hours work(bout £20-40) Its well worth it m8 your car will feel brand !Removed! new :thumbsup:

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thanks pizza boy, appricate your help...

Me being dense I understand the point of the spark plugs but;

1) what size leads should i get (5mm or 8mm ('91 import N/A) ??

2) Whats the distributer cap do?!!

3) ...same with the rotor arm...



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