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G-TECH/Pro Competition


Do you think it's worth buying?  

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What can it do?

The new G-TECH/Pro Performance Meter COMPETITION is a very sophisticated, cutting edge automotive tuning instrument. Weather you want simple RPM recording or complete Data-Acquisition. As an automotive enthusiast you will find recording acceleration runs and analyzing shift points, delivered horsepower and reaction times extremely valuable. Just imagine, having all that power of knowledge right there under your fingertips any time you want it, that's the new G-TECH/Pro COMPETITION. So, no more confusion after making modifications now simply get the results "before and after".



0-60ft time

0-330ft time

0-60mph time

1/8mile E.T and speed

1000ft time

1/4 mile E.T. and speed




Braking distance

Handling G's

Accelerating and Braking Gs

RPM vs Time Graph

HP & Torque vs RPM Graph

Speed vs Time Graph

Speed vs Distance

Gs vs Time Graph

Link for more info...

Deliveried @ £230

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that price seems a bit low...

go for a Motec system mate.


Do motec do that kind of monitor for rev / speed?

I thought they did ECU controllers?

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