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How To Wire An Amp?


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what i did in my 89 rolla, a 99magna, a holden commo, and a lancer is:

u unscrew the plastic thing at the bottom of the door arch, and shove it under the carpet. u will have to do this on both side as the power cable should b on the other side of the car as the lead from the hed unit(RCA), if u dont u will have interference from the power calbe and it will sound like sh*t.

then i pulled the back seat up(the acctuall thing u sit on, not the back of the seat), this can b done by pulling the latch at the back in the middle of the seat(between the bottom and the back).

u should find a way of getting the cables into the boot, there is usually a gap..

its hard to explain this without pics....

to get the cable from the Battery to the inside of the car, the best thing to do is to attacht the cable to a straightened out coat hanger and shove it through a grommit in ur firewall(preferably on the passengers side) and then have a look under the dash on the passenger side and pull it through.

its a pretty big job and will take a few hours, but u can do it nice so that no cables will b visible.

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Hours? I wired my subs in my corolla in like 30 min.

But like he said, take off the trim where the bottom of the door rest when its closed and jam all the wires under there. and just look around to find where the seat can be taken apart, if they dont fold down, there should be some nuts that you can get to from the trunk. (they had to assemble it somehow)

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It shouldn't be hard unless the wire is like thicker than 4 gauge. Just find anywhere that wire's or cable come from the engine to the inside of the car, snip the rubber stuff a little and slide it right on in. Then just take off panels or tuck it behind/ under stuff to hide it.

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u sure i could wire it through there?

yes course you can wire through there i did this in my old car when i need to run wires for my amps

do what gavdidit say pierce a hole in the rubber

when I opened the cover I saw insulation inside there and it was packed with it! couldnt see any clear entry into the footwell

you dont really need to see it just put the wire through then jump in the car and look for the wire

when i did this i had a friend to help me he was feeding the wire through i was inside the car and eventualy you will feel or see the wire

i suppose it can be tricky if are doing it by yourself

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