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Kit All Done!


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Get onto Kenny at www.kentontuning.com for decals - he is a dead nice guy, he has done plenty of rally replica style graphics for the ST20x shape amongst other things. He can do all sorts of custom stuff including brushed gold/aluminium type things as well as the usual decals.

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The last ones where I got the kit from .... they were sending me a brochure but it isnt here yet!!!!!

Tell me about it, those guys are :censor: useless to$$ers.

I sent them a S.A.E and i didnt even get that back let alone a brochure.

WOOHOO! - Actually got a letter from them today ..... two TRD badges for under the indicators that arent bad so I put them on. :thumbsup: And of course, the company logo stickers came with them lol!

No brochure though! :crybaby:

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hmmmm ... not sure about advertising gizmos and gadgets I havnt got - want to leave room for that kind of thing though!!

Got me going... Need to leave room for things like that to go on so now bearing it in mind.

I re-vamped my pic to have the back windows blacked out (Rockford sticker has to go on there somewhere since I have so much of it), front tinted, and of course the ever needed little LOWER!!! ( You will all probably look at the pic and say 'LOWER'LOWER' LOL :P )

Want something reasonable simple to start. Smoothe lines in silver/gold... had a little play ... Care to embellish? .. go for it !

Bit frightened of over doing it but then also want it looking 'propper' ... BOLD or not to be bold ??? <_< hmmmmm



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Well it WAS nice until THIS happened to it on friday.....

:ffs: My car was parked 'safely' on the road outside work. Then a delivery wagon GOUGED a HUGE hole in the back of my car.

PLENTY of willing independant witnesses too.

I got in touch with the delivery company and they say the driver denies all knowledge. He did that to my car, then swung round the roundabout at the end of the road...SLOWED to gawp at the damage in passing the other way ... and SHOT OFF!!! :ffs:


I have a big chunk of twisted metal from the floor as a souvenir

Plenty has been said about it already... Gouged my car then shot off - Celica club forum Topic

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:eek: :ffs: :ffs: :ffs: :ffs: :ffs: Came fist .... then the :crybaby: :censor: :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

STILL going through it this weekend - will be until its on its way to getting sorted otherwise I'll end up feeling even more like braying the bloke that did it if the insurance assessor writes it off and the police dont nail him for it ..... don't want to think about that one :crybaby: But will go buy it back if that happens, hassle that I can do without.

Paint hasnt had chance to harden and only had on the road for about 4 weeks too!

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