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All The Uk Paseo People With Induction Kits!

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i gopt a 1998 paseo.with a custom intake that me and my mate made up from a civic intake from weapon r and it works like a charm nice sound and better throttle response its not hard to make but we had to make extrea hols for the sensor you are refering to im oretty sure its the map sensor but who knows anyways im not able to help you with the gromit your lokking for,but i think you should just make a custom intake and try it again it will work it just takes alot of patience we had to manifacture our own and im very pleased with it....try getting an intake on sale from a civic that seems to work if you just trim it down a bit it should fit anyways have a good one and keep trying youll be happy with the results also i know that weapon r make a intake for your model you should check them out ///peace

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Think you'll find it's the air temp sensor grommet you're after. The map sensor should be in the exhaust manifold.

Just so happens I got a digi camera for christmas dymchurch. I'll try to get some pics posted for ya in the next couple of days :thumbsup:

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I've just got a digital camera as well so I'll wack pics of mine up also.

Don't really want to sell my old set-up as I plan to replace it when I sell the car, also I'm not really sure which bit you're referring to! The actual sensor is attached to the car isn't it?

There was a post a few days ago regarding a couple of Seo's at scrappy's - you could try them if all else fails. :thumbsup:

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yo DYM, took me a minute to think of this but the rubber grommet you need for the sensor? You can make it out of silicone really easily, or you could do it the easy way, and just silicone the sensor in there. (the silicone will just peel off with a little bit of time and effort when you get the new intake straightened out.)

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