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The Correct Coolant For My Turbo.

pizza boy

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Just picked up my coolant from MrT but it states on the 5ltr bottle 'Toyota Long Life'. Is this ok as im sure it should state 'Toyota For Life'. It is the correct ribena red color tho just dont want to take a chance here.

Also the Magnecor leads I have state 'ST202 3sge' on the box. Altho it also states on the reciept 'ST202 3sge - SW20 3sgte 94+'. I wasnt aware rev3+ mr2s shared the same leads as 94+ 3sge's. Im going to phone 2morow to check this up but is this supposed to be ok?

The parts ive amassed are:

Magnecor HT Leads

NGK Platinum plugs

Rotor arm


A/C belt and Alternator belt

Redline MT90 box oil

Oil filter

Im still to buy the engine oil but im not sure which one to go for. My car has 42k on it . Can any1 point me a good oil?

Also is it worth changin the fuel filter while im at it?

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