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The Beams Engine.....


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Having a look at some pics on the web I came across pics of the 'beams' engine in comparison to the standard engine.

The beams engine looks much more compact and neater than the standard engine yet Ive never heard much about it.

What cars were they in and what was the difference performance wise?

What was the reason that the beams engine was even put in the MR2?

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there was 2 gen of beams engine:

I. red top - only VVTi on intake 210HP made only 2000 MR2 , half 4 Jap half 4 NZ

II: black top- dual VVTi 225 HP now in Altezza IS200 buth different gearbox

In EU only 2 gad done Red top Beams transformation: one in UK one in CZ

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They look very similar in pics I've seen (apart from the red top obviously!).

They were put into Jap rev5 MR2's (not sure if all Jap rev5's or a limited number) - UK rev5's didn't get this engine :(

And as I only recently found out - also later Jap gen6 Celica's got the BEAMS engine too.

Don't actually know why they were put into these cars over the standard 3s-ge. But I do wish I've got a BEAMS Jap rev5 now instead of a UK version, and I've had got AC and passenger airbag as a bonus!!

The version in the late previous gen MR2 and Celica had 'red top' BEAMS engines, these developed 200bhp. There's also a 'black top' BEAMS that's 210bhp that came in the Toyota Altezza RS200 (Lexus IS200).

As far as I know, the red top BEAMS is almost all identical to the standard 3s-ge but with some different bits...

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The UK is200 doesnt have the black top like the altezza. UK's has a lower spec engine, bout 168/158 bhp can't rem exactly.

Also they were favoured in l8r models cos they were newer types of engines. Set to rival hondas VTEC system, the (D)VVTi system that is.

Had a nice lone chat w. ben about this a while back, and matt also.

Performance ends up being very similar to an s200 apparently, w. you having the rag the car to get power outa it. Matt tried using that to talk me in2 gettin a tubby conversion, but like ragging the 2 get power would put me off , haha :D


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Sorry, bit unclear in my post that said the Toyota Altezza RS200 has the 'black top' BEAMS engine with Lexus IS200 in brackets.... I just meant that a Toyota Altezza is the same as a Lexus IS200.

The Altezza RS200 version only had the 16v BEAMS engine.

The UK Lexus IS200 has a 24v 2.0 litre engine, around 150bhp I think.

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