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Yaris Clutch Problems

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I have the misfortune of buying a brand new lemon (2 door manual yaris yrs) 2 years ago now. The clutch blew up at 1,200kms and had to be replaced. The clutch is again in need of replacement at 30,000kms. The car has constantly been impossible to drive in that the gears periodically are extremely stiff to engage with stalling and gear crunching a common problem. Toyota and their dealers have refused over the two years to acknowledge the problem despite many attempts by me to get a reasonable resolution. We have had the vehicle NRMA (Independent Motoring association in Australia) tested at our expense and they advised that the clutch takes up too close to the floor and that it is a design fault that is virtually impossible to fix. We've taken mats out and had the usual meaningless adjustments made with no effect. We have now exhausted all reasonable avenues in attempting to get a reasonable solution. Toyota simply doesn't care - welcome to the new Toyota!!

I have now noted via the internet including this website that other people have had similar experiences as mine with the Toyota Yaris, and a similar pathetic response from Toyota. I have now engaged a solicitor who is going to pursue a court action on my behalf. This could be a class action if anyone is also in a similar situation.

My request is :

Can anyone who has any information regarding Toyota Yaris clutch/gearbox problems that may assist my case against Toyota and the dealer please leave details accordingly. I'm happy to give anyone the full story (50 pages of correspondence) if you are interested.


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