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Diamond Clear Front Indicators


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Before xmas everybody was selling the diamond clear front indicators, Now no one seems to have any.

Even DC dezigns seem to be having trouble getting any.

Anybody know anywhere???

I want some :crybaby::help:


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I have to agree with Jimlad on this one the Crystal Clear ones look really horrible in comparison to the Rev4+ Toyota corners. The Crystal Clear ones are also designed for the U.S market and need some re-working for fitting and some modding to hold the amber bulbs.

Spend about £10 more and get the authentic Toyota ones :thumbsup:

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I saw a mate from another forum last weekend. He has fitted a flat, clear version of the toblerone side repeaters found on Imports. I will contact him and get more info, pics and details for you guys.

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I think it's a UK thing .. the !Removed! were happy with them, in the UK they are illegal .. I think by rev4/5 (whichever) Toyota decided to add the UK type ones to make it easier to flog the last few made.

Also the Jap rear lights are illegal .. there are two plastic inserts in the lense of the inside two lights to make the fogs the required 10cm away from the brakes .. but most MOT stations are not fussed (as the usual jap setup is 9cm) ..

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