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Yaris Front Fog Lamp Indicator


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Hello to all.

Maybe Yaris cars sold in Italy have silght diffetent from the rest of Europe !

If you want swicth on of the the front fog lamps , you have to turn the switch on

the left knob ( this is wrote on the Italian Yaris manual ), and a Lamp indicator

will'be aroud the digital spedoometer.

Really is different . There is a switch on the left knob only for the rear fog lamp, for

the front fog lamps , here in Italy, he have an extra swicth on the dashboard close

to the morrors joystick without any fog lamp indicator close to the digital spedoometer.

My question ......

I have sow the lamp indicator ( close to the digital spedoometer ) is present also on the Yaris Italian version , is it possibe to connect a wire to this lamp , and turn it on when the

front fog lamps are on ?

Sorry for my bad English !!

Bye Bye.

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id asume its possible and the connections on the dash circuit board should be present.

the only thing it may be lacking is a bulb! if you can fit one of them in and then workout which wire goes from the plug at the bottom of the instrument panel to the lights then you should be able to get it to light up!


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