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Had my drivers wing mirror taken out by some old git in a Clio!! :angry:

Need a new mirror, £264 from Mr T!! :o

Just what i need at the moment!!

Everything went back together but whatever holds the mirror in is broken so it's really loose!

Although you should've seen the state of his mirror!! :lol:

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lol, I hate when that happens.

had a similar problem a few months ago, misses had parked up and gone shopping, came back to ntice the wingmirror was bent backwards and the glass was out and on the floor. Luckily the mirror went back in to place and the glass went back in, but as you said it's wobbly as hell (hasn't fallen out yet though, and it passed an MOT!) :P

I think you can get the Indicator version from Japan cheaper than Mr T has quoted for 1!

As for the state of his mirror..... Japanese vs French, Ofcourse you came off better! :lol:

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If your parking your car, fold them in 2 second job, this is a serious pet hate of mine why dont people do it more often? Ok rant over - Gaz if you were moving at the time, then i cant include you in this! :lol:

Cant you get the bit you need from a breaker, its got to be less than £264! All you should need is a screwdriver to get it off.

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i ALWAYS fold my mirrors in, on the road and walkway side...

ever since ive had 2x smashed off my primera and my dads lancer estate got written off by vandals running onto the bonnet/roof and caving it in.

the swines.

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The old git has finally admitted liability!! :yahoo:

It's taken shedloads of phone calls and constant pestering of his insurance company but i can finally get my mirror sorted!!!


Haha, Well done mate! :thumbsup:

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Almost sorted now! :lol:

Went last Friday and had a new mirror fitted.

1st problem, they hadn't painted the new backing cover, so new mirror put on and old scratched backing cover put on until they paint the new one.

2nd problem playing with the mirror on the drive to work to check everything is working and the heated function doesn't work :angry:

Told them on Friday about and pointed out that T Sports have heated mirrors. They reckon they gave Toyota my reg no. when they ordered it.

Called them again today to be told that they had in fact ordered the wrong mirror. Correct one now on order which they should get tomorrow.

So if anybody's unfortunate enough to have to use Harrat's Wakefield be sure to go armed with the part no's you need!!

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