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Halfords Spray That Stops Your Windows Freezing


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I've not seen this stuff in Halfords and I personally wouldn't bother with it.

IMO you can't beat a decent Ice scraper, I got mine for about 50p years ago and it's fantastic, and if I have to scrape, my car is nice and warm by the time I get in it :P .

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Aye...stick with a good scraper...even avoid De-icer if you can.....your paint work.and window rubbers will thank you for it.

Best way is with some luke warm water...and I mean luke warm!!

Nearly boiling...and you could crack the glass.

anything that is hot to the touch is no good either...as hot water freezes faster than cold, (due to the heat lost in evaporation)

So hand warm...and run your wipers immediately.

but saying that...it's a pain in the neck running backwards and forwards with luke warm water...two mins of scraping...sorted.


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i bought some and although it wasn't a hard frost it did seem to work. no ice on the front windows and the bit on the rear just wiped of with the wiper

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Personally I avoid using de-icer type stuff as mentioned before - it messes your paintwork and window seals.

Luke warm water with some salt diluted in it to prevent the water re-freezing or my preferred - Ice Scraper.

Keeping to the topic, don't use the key-lock de-icer either as it disolves any lubricant in the locks and they tend to seize after a while.

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Okay, so im a tad worried, apart from the 'grow your own' hole in the ozone layer I have created by spraying shed loads of de-icer over my motor im knackering the seals too, does it hurt otters as well?

But seriously its the pluspoint card ice scraper for me in future. cheers for your help guys!

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