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It's a bit putting your eggs all in one basket....but I took insurance out with one of my Banks - Halifax...and it has turned out to be one of the better deals...with excellent cover.

It's not all just about who's cheapest...but what bang you get for you buck.

Plus you usually get a little more knocked off if you bank with em..or have a mortage with em...etc.

If you can...make the excess as high as your heart can take, it will bring the premium down considerably...but obviously if you are at fault in a claim...then you'll have the excess to pay.

Other than that..play them off against each other...usually get another £50 off, depending on who bottles first.


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All sorted now :thumbsup:

£850 fully comp business class 2

Im again with adrain flux coz everyone else is stupid :lol::lol::lol:

I was getting a bit ****** there for a moment!!!!! NO UNDER 25's :ffs: :ffs: :ffs:

I feel for ya buddy but in the eyes of insurers you have the image of a time bomb waiting to blow...

As im in the insurance game im a smug git... I know quite a few underwriters in some big companies and when its time for renewal I pull a few strings :D Im with Axa direct just now..I know I only have the almost standard G6R but I blagged a comp policy for £200 :D

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Just spotted this was talking to a mate last night who is 20 with 2 years no claims he's gone with HIC this year for his tubro converted KA this has a turbo conversion on the engine plus all the usual mods including bodykit for £520 :eek:


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