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Corolla Ts---->buy Or Not


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Goodmorning to every one and happy new year.I've just learned about this forum.It was in the right time.I'm about to buy a Corolla TS an Iwould like your opinion about this car!!!Is it a good choice????Does it worth???Is it the right time to purchase this car????Thank you in advance... :thumbsup:

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it is a good car, stock it is powerful but in a comfortable way with a screaming engine that goes crazy after 6,000 rpm. Only issues so far are (sometimes) sqeaks in the dash, brakes squaking if not properly braked in and thats pretty much all I know off. All are fixed by dealers without any issues. I do reccomend it as a really nice car, but it is your choice. It would be good if you could drive it first...

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Welcome to the club mate. I think CTS is a value for money car

at least in greece. I would recommend it but it depends what you

are looking for. Do not expect low-mid range torgue though. The

engine is at its best over 6000 rpm. And yes it is the right period

to buy it as many of it' s problems should have been solved after

2 years in production. Also take into consideration that you will

have to wait about 4 months to take it. I am in the 4th month

and they still dont know where my car is :ffs: I hope to find out

on monday.

PS: Gianitsas (peiraios avenue) has a CTS so you can test drive it there.

Hope to help


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yea welcome mate,you take ya money as they say,i got a t, sport 2003 model, leather seats much better than the drab cloth i looked at,engine stonking after 6200rpm you need to have test drive take it on agood run you aint goin to impress the sales man hitting 8200rpm round town :P i feel this car would be spot on with a little turbo on it as the engine is the best thing since the old 4age, build quality reminds me a bit like lexus,few little rattles but nowt major, handling std i think is designed for comfort, put some lowerd tte springs on her and it transforms the handling, overall mate a good car, but check out the type r too :thumbsup:

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but check out the type r too :thumbsup:

Type-r will be available in greece maybe in june so if you

are in a hurry.....??

Type r was one choise for me too!!!!But I think that it is not an every-day car.It is an extremely fast car but not as comfortable as TS.You pay about 29000 euros and in this price even the a/c is extra!!!

In my opinion Corolla TS is the best combination of a sport-fast car and an every day car too!!!!

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I am in the same situation too!

I sold my 1.6 litre Sedan in order to buy a TS!

Are you realy sure that it take so much to get it?4 months?

Is somebody there who can provide me a real performances figures for TS?

I am asking you that because the dates provided by dealers are not matching with some drive tests done .

Thanks in advance

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Just do it guyz, it is one hell of a car! I have had mine for about 9months and everytime I still hit "LIFT" it put a huge grin on my face. Take one for a test drive and use the rev range, honestly you will be hooked. As soon as you hit 6200RPM/LIFT a small explosion takes place under the bonnet only thing is like a drug you have to keep doing it. Down side, petrol and tyre bills. :lol:

Nick :thumbsup:

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Imek what about the tuning of your engine? Are you satisfied?

Do you have any dyno results?

Now I'm trying to put TRD CAI in. I have minor problems, and have to wait till weather improves (now its -20 deg. C :o ).

When I have my CAI fitted (probably this month or early feb.) I'm going to re-map my Ecu.

At first I thought of 210-215HP map (ppl are running 210 HP map and nobody had any problems), but yesterday I learned that the "remap" guys have developed 260 HP map for our engine. Of course you count reliability in seconds with this map.

But, if 260 HP is possible, I decided I'll go for 220-230HP remap. Of course I don't want to harm the engine, so I'll choose a map that is safe.

I'm really looking forward to improving torque figures and torque curve especially.

Of course will post all my results and measurments.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the info'!

The point is :my dealer said me that they didn't have one for drive test!!!!!That is!

Refer to the remap of ECU nobody in town knows to do it!

More than this a lot of them advise me that the VVTLI can't be tuned using remap of ECU!

Are you so kind to provide me more info about it?

Toyota said that TS accelerates from 0-100km/h in 8.4s but some guys said 7.7s!!!!

What is the true?

Many thanks!

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Top Gear magazine tested the CTS v CTR in the wet...

Corollla T Sport (CTS)


0-30mph (secs) 3.1

0-40mph (secs) 4.3

0-50mph (secs) 5.7

0-60mph (secs) 7.3

0-62mph (secs) 7.8

0-70mph (secs) 10

0-80mph (secs) 12

0-90mph (secs) 14.7

0-100mph (secs) 18.6

0-110mph (secs) 24

0-120mph (secs) 33.2

Max speed (mph) 132.7

Honda Civic Type-R


0-30mph (secs) 3.4

0-40mph (secs) 4.7

0-50mph (secs) 6.1

0-60mph (secs) 7.9

0-62mph (secs) 8.3

0-70mph (secs) 9.8

0-80mph (secs) 12

0-90mph (secs) 14.8

0-100mph (secs) 17.6

0-110mph (secs) 23.1

0-120mph (secs) 38.7

Max speed (mph) 140.2

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