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Transmission Issues On A 95 Camry Wagon


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1995 camry wagon


Our camry wagon has developed a very annoying tranmission problem over the holidays. its hard to describe, so bear with me :)

ECT button out (normal driving) Overdrive on -

if you take off from a light easy and just cruise down the road, at about 40/45mph the speedomitter drops to zero and the tranny starts shifting between 2nd and 3rd (or this is the feeling) ... the speed does not drop but the RPMs go up. you can feel the tranny shifting, but it never seems to keep its gear or keep in a single gear. if you let off the gas it shifts into the lower gear and stays, if you give it gas it shifts into gear and accelerates.

ECT button in (performance) Overdive on -

same thing, but it does it much less. The speedomitter always drops to zero when it starts this acting up.

ECT in either setting and Overdrive Off -

almost never does it, but it still does it (like this makes any sense).

hills dont effect it when it acts up. weather does not effect it. When you take off from a light hard or generally accelerate to get to speed it NEVER does it. only when your drivng slow or accelerating slow.

The fluid is at the proper level and the fluid is good (not burnt). She shifts into forward and reverse just fine and once you get over 50mph the sppedomitter works and everything is fine. You can always tell when the tranny is going to (or is) acting up because the speedomitter always drops to zero right before it starts this lost gear thing.

any ideas ???

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Automatics can start 'slipping', usually it's through wear and tear although it appears this one may be doing it prematurely.

It could also be the torque converter, or more likely, the V6 in the Camry has an intelligent gearbox which learns your driving style, it might be that the ECU for this is playing up.

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thanks james...

about the trans slipping - i thought hard driving would make it slip. ours seems to act up only when you drive easy. it runs great when driving hard (how i drive).

about the computer - does the camry have two computers ? one for the engine and the other for the trans ? or are they one in the same ?

our tranny has three sensors ... would it be worth changinfg these out .. could one of these be bad and it be the problem ?

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Sounds electrical in the computer/s. Transmission usually shifts into lockup about 45. If speedo is mal functioning [signal from computer] then the same malfunction is effecting the shift point. :thumbsup:

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Hi all,

I driving a toyota corona with 4age 20v auto 4 speed OD tranny engine. I am having a auto tranny problem. The problem is the autobox wouldnt shift and stay at 3th gear, from 1st to 2nd straight to overdrive. Occured even with overdrive button off.

Hope someone out there kindly enough to help me... :yes:

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