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St205 Clear Indicators? Where Are They Found?


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Ive been asked by a guy with a ST205 if you know of any places which sells clear front bumper indicators for his model...

I thought they would be easy to find.. yet im finding them hard to come by...

any help would be appreciated on the matter...

Cheers :thumbsup:

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I've got clear front indicators but i make these myself as i couldnt find anywhere that sold them. :thumbsup:

ahh... i see..

are they easy to make and if not you in a position to make a pair to sell if my mate wants a pair? :thumbsup:

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talk to fensport as they were developing some last i knew

he has already been in contact with them... they aint got anything but side ones at the moment... :bookworm:

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Well its quite straight forward.

Remove the stock indicators and pull off the orange plastic from the front - takes a LOT of effort as they a glued in.

All you need to do now is get some soft clear plastic from a DIY store such as b&q and cut out new fronts for the indicators.

Bit of superglue and bobs your uncle. :lol:

I think that its illegal to have indicators that flash white (any know?) so i got some bulb paint from Halfords in orange and coated the stock bulbs in this.

Time taken = 15mins per indicator

Price = £10 Approx

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i have hear of someone who replced the orange plastic with a clear diffuser from a flourescant light :rolleyes:

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