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thanx jdmparts guru

theres a place in wales that will do the shogun kit for about £800 but its a bit extreme, its a good kit but i was looking for something a bit more subtle if you know what i mean the car looks good now sitting on 17s with dragon graphics down the side so im not sure what to do next

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Im looking to get some dragon graphics down the side of mine -- I have a black STI 2.00 so think it could look good with white graphics

Where did you get the graphics from and have you got a pic of your motor -

Cheers mate,, take it esay

Shogan kit looks class


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My GTR came in at the same insurance group as a UK GT with CIS. But my new SS-II is the same group and costs less...

Don't understand how car insurance works (and I work in commercial insurance!) Seems companies just think of a figure and go with it.

Some companies will try and sting you for a higher group for a GTR as they don't know the model. But ask them to talk to the underwriter and explain it's exactly the same as a UK GT with a few extras (4WS being the main one, and tems suspension on some models) and they might get more reasonable.

ps. My GTR's up for sale..... see the for sale forum...

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Hey i just got a 90 celica GTS. I also need to find a good body kit, but one that is unique and not mass produced. I also need some help to find some really good aftermarket performance parts. Can anyone help me? I really need to find a good Brake Kit, but i am low on cash right now? Can anyone help me with that?

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