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ok guys, i need some help,

basically i'm insured with admiral, in my dads name on an ae111 corolla sr. will i be charged extra for a back box?

i need to get rid of the standard pea shooter as it's gonna fall off, so also any suggestions as to what to go for would be great



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Anything you do to your car in terms of moving it away from how Toyota sold it will effect your insurance.

Doesnt matter if your 17 or 70 if your gonna mod your car your policy will be adjusted. But dont always look at it as a bad thing..if some social missfit decided to shunt your rolla up the :censor: and your new sporty exhaust gets damaged then your exhaust will get replaced like for like.

Even if its not your insurer who foots the bill. Insurance companies exchange details of the policy as routine and if your car doesnt match what is on the policy then the insurer is only liable to repair the car as it is on the policy, and in effect could put as in your words a pea shooter back on.

I work in insurance and a word of caution to anyone with mods which are not notified. You may get away with it in the short term but long term you can end up in the brown smelly stuff big time if your insurer was to void your policy just when you need them the most. Have you got the spare cash to self insurer?

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