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I bought a new '03 4Runner Limited 4x4 about a month ago. While driving normally on the freeway in perfect driving conditions, the VSC system engaged on my vehicle on 3 separate occasions. It almost caused me to lose control of my vehicle--luckily it was a weekend afternoon and no one collided with me. My car has been at the dealer for about a week now and they haven't been able to identify the problem and are proposing to return the car to me without making any repair to or replacing the system because they haven't been able to "replicate the condition". I can't believe that the dealer or Toyota would try to knowingly put a vehicle with a serious saftey defect like this back on the street rather than replacing the components to the VSC system. I've called Toyota and hopefully they'll be more responsible than the dealer. I can't believe that after paying up for the 4Runner in large part because of the fact that it is one of the few SUVs in the class on the market with a standard stability control system and I was looking for a very safe ride for my pregnant wife and to soon to be child I have a truck with a problem like this. Has anyone else had a problem like mine? How did you get it resolved? Thanks

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