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My Old Rollin Road Readout!...

pizza boy

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This readout is of my car when it was in bone stock condition. Only mod was an induction kit. Everything else was bog standard..exhaust, boost etc etc. This is a slightly cocked up run by Mr AVA as his leg started to get some kinda jiggery pokery action at 6000rpm hence the steep rise drop then rise lol... the fool. Id seen enuogh to know its A-OK and didnt want another run as I dont like to see my poor car get thrashed. The keys things to note are :

The slight drop in the curve at 6500rpm is when mr AVA man had a idiot moment and slighty let off the throttle but, as you can see, he realised what he did and depressed it again till 7000rpm causing the curve to rise once more. Unfortunately the readout isnt accurate of the true power output..it was really 215 odd @13psi@7000rpm but its stating 210.7 at 12.3psi because the boost couldnt fully 'recover' back to 13 psi in the remaining 600rpm. I know this because the car maintains 13psi after 5000rpm all the way to 7000rpm as was shown in the test run.

Also bear in mind the BHP is AT THE WHEELS. I cant be ubikd throwin up fake flywheel figures. Just add 20-24% on and make your own mind up :P

There was no torque readout but I wasnt bothered as this run was made 3 days after buying the car and the intention was to find out if there was any problems. As you can see there wasnt :drool:

I will br RR'n with my mods soon ill post it up also as soon as its done.

On a final note this just shows good example Rev3,4,5 Mr2s rock and are well worth the extra dosh.

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