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Probloem For 20v Silver Top


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I'M LEO,new joining this club..i currenly driving a sprinter trueno ae101 20v silver top (auto),but i having some problem ....

when i driving and i suddenly stop...then car will automatic stop engine...when i start again..the ideling is very bad. and no stabil..what happening for that?.....

hope u guys can help me......

i'm from kl,malaysia:)

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Greets to KL

I have no experience with engine stalls in automatic cars (my family has owned four auto Corollas). I think it is worth checking out if the problem is caused by the gear selector. Try driving in "2" instead of "D" to see if the same thing happens. Does it do the same when reversing?

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it only stalls when u really try to stop quickly yeah?

i kno of somthing to check but cant remember it right now. kinda hung over. i think its like ur vaccum gague or hydralic pressure gague or sumthing

goto www.club4ag.com and ask around there, they kno everything about that engine.

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