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Hi, Just got an MR2 at christmas and hoping someone can give me a little help with some of the problems I need fixing: (MR2 1991 H, GT-TBar)

1) The accelerator sticks sometimes so I have to push the clutch down and tap the accelerator pedal to release it, is it possible that the accelerator cable has frayed and needs replacing? If so, how much and where is best to go?

2)Whilst driving at a steady speed, the car has what I can only describe as a shudder, if I am steadily accelerating, everything is great, its when I am maintaining the same speed in 1st,2nd 3rd or 4th. Could this be dues to the previous owner cutting a hole in the airbox? Or is it something else?

3)The seal around the drivers side door needs replacing (I think) as I can hear the wind and on the odd occasion, a little rain will sneak in there.

4)The subframe has a little rust, has anyone else had this and what did they do?


5)I got the car serviced and I was advised that the hole in the airbox could ruin my engine and the clips had gone. I contacted toyota and they wanted silly money for a new airbox so Halfords reccomended a K&N Induction kit. I have purchased this (on 21/12/03) for £91.91 and they still dont have it in!!! Plus they said they couldnt fit it for me and I can do it myself as its easy, does this sound ok???

Sorry if I sound dumb, but I have never liked cars till last year and now I am taking an interest as the MR2 has captured my imagination and I think its great. Any help is appreciated. Seasonal thanks.

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fitting an induction kit is very easy as they said, remove every thing that is involved with the standard intake, heres what mine ended up looking like.


hey !!

your engine's all nice and clean..... ba*tard !!! :D

3)The seal around the drivers side door needs replacing (I think) as I can hear the wind and on the odd occasion, a little rain will sneak in there.

This could be caused by wind noise coming in from behind the tweeter at the door mirror as I replaced all seals to stop the leaks and I still get wind noise. The door mirror noise is a known issue. Easy to fix tho... look over at www.imoc.co.uk

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Thanks for the input, its appreciated. I will have a go at fitting it myself. I just wondered if they were telling the truth as they dont seem to be very knowledgable and whilst I was in the store, a few people were complaining about the service.

If anyone can help with any of the other problems, go free and give me your advice as I need all the help I can get.

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Cutting holes in the standard airbox is fine....only issue with that AND fitting a pod filter with NO SURROUND is that you might find the engine is sucking in hot air from the engine bay when you not moving etc.....which obviously is not to good.

I get the whistle noise from nehind the tweeter...in both my Gen II and III so not a big issues as mentioned above :)



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