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Toyota Avensis Wanted In D4d

stuck with an audi A6

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:crybaby: hello... i've had 3 avensis cars and rather foolishly opted for an audi a6 recently,

all my mates and wife think im crazy as i want another avensis... problem is cant spend more than 5k and want an v or w reg in a SR model or a cdx model... must be 4 door saloon and not in silver or white... average miles and with FSH. I hate the audi and I narrowly missed out on the last D4D on the market. Can any one help at all I'll trade in the audi and pay the rest in cash... Been offerred £4,250 by trade for the audi... R 97, 1.8 t se,

absolutely mint car 112k all serviced and full history... However want back to a toyota avensis, especially a d4d engine in a high spec car...

surprise, suprise impossiblr to find even in bradford mini cab... capital of the world...

besides prices are over inflated in bradford and a most cars onsale are dodgy...

make my new year someone...

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I would go for the GLS over a CDX as the spec is almost identical except for the elephant skin leather and alloys and CD multi-changer. You can also get it with the old 3S-FE 2.0 petrol which is an abolute gem, it certainly hides it's age well and is a perfect match with the auto box. Look around at dealers as they do occasionally have some good offerers, I got my 98 2.0 GLS auto with 30k from a toyota dealer for £4200.

Although for the sort of price you have mentioned you could get a Camry.

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