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Anyone Help With Kenwood Md-changer?


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Hey people...

I was just wondering, if Kenwood do a Minidisc-Changer. I have been after one for some time but cant seem to find any.

I wanted to add it to my Corolla T3. I currently have a whole Kenwood setup which includes motorised screen KVT-M700, CD/MP3 changer, DVD Sat Nav, 2 x Amps and 1 x 12" Sub.

The only thing I can find is the KMD-D401 (not really a changer) but I dont know if that will add on to my screen inputs PLUS I dont have the dash space for it to fit in either.

Also, anyone know if it is remotely possible to add something like a Sony MD changer to a Kenwood setup?

Any help appreciated. Atik

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Hi Atik

Sounds like your have a neat set-up in you car :drool:

Have you taken any pics of your car, would be nice to have a look, at what you have done.

I've changed a few bits in my car, have a look at the pics, let me kow what you think :thumbsup:

I've looked as well, trying to find you a MD Changer, but not looking good :(

Can't you convert it to CD format, as i always thought MD format was very limited.

It's not possible to use other makes in your set-up either, not compatable.

It would be like the compentents talking different languages to each other :ffs:

Hope you find a solution for your problem.

Have fun



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Hi man-bing,

That boot setup is AMAZING :o That is the neatest Amp install I have ever seen. Good job there :thumbsup: and I thought my rear box was neat.

I asked my local sound guy to quote me a price for a closed setup similar to yours, but at the time I didnt have the money to get it done. So I just went for the amps fitted to the rear seats and a standard ported box for a 12" Sub. Now that I am working, I might go for an all out double 12" for around 1000W of sound. Still contemplating though ;) because I need some boot space at times. Am considering the two subs to fit in the two recesses so it leaves me with some space.

I've not taken any pics of my setup, but I could do, sometime this week. Keep an eye out for it

I have my CD/MP3 changer parked under the front passenger seat as I absolutely hate the idea of having to fit a changer in the boot. Means you have to go out in whatever weather and then change the disks. With the changer under the seat I just lean over and press eject. Got my Sat Nav unit fitted under the driver seat. Especially proud of the dash setup. I bought my Fascia from Audiowarehouse in the States with the storage pocket at the bottom (noticed your pocket was on top) so that when the screen folded up, it wouldnt cover anything.

As for the CD or MD thing, I went through three MD players before going for my current setup and really prefer MD to CD. Even though I can get around 200 odd tracks onto 1 CD, it is much easier to use MD (in my opinion) expecially when I have NetMD. I suppose I could live with 2000 tracks on 10 MP3 discs ;)

Thanks anyway for the help :)


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That is one nice install! I like to see it done all hidden and tidy.

To be honest, MD is past it really. There is still a big market for it, but in terms of availability and quality versus amount of songs you can't really beat CD.

It's down to taste really as was said before. MD's are smaller and kinda nicer if you know what I mean.

But, obviously MD is gonna be difficult unless you have RCA in's. MP3 CD sounds the best option for you - especially if it's an MP3 compatible disk changer.


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I agree with sjrainsford, there is a limited market with MD.

Since with MP3's now, music is now available with out the need to have lots of space needed, for extra CD/MD everywhere (even though MD is small on it's own)

Quality can be below-standard at time with MP3's, but still, with the correct recording format, it can also be impressive as well, even passable for CD quality.

I've got an Alpine CD/MP3 changer under the front seat, and i've hardly changed the cartridge for MP3 music.



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