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:ffs: Anyone in the know about the prices on changing a clutch on a 1995turbo.. i think mine is on its way out.. i think this because the other day i was on the local link road in 5th and tried to accelerate fast and the car didnt move but the engine made loads of noice :help: Does anyone know where the best place for a clutch? and whether the engine needs to come out to do the job? :hokus-pokus:

Or could this be a gearbox problem?

Please help :crybaby:

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Sounds like the clutch to me....especially in the top gears, the revs shoot up when ya floor it. It's NOT too bigger job, I got a HEAVY DUTY clutch installed for about $900 nzd's which was great for drag racing....crap for everyday driving though :( I wouldn't do it again....go stock. took my guys about 4-5 hours labour from memory. Gearbox should be fine.



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I went for a ClutchMasters Stage 3 and Findanza flywheel .. think it's rated to over 400 ft/lb.

Got it frm the US .. think the clutch was about $400 and the FW $350 (US Dollars).

Then about $200 for shipping ..

Then it was about 6 hours labour to fit it .. got it done with a load of other work.

It's lighter than stock on feel and hasn't slipped once ..

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