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Dragging A 17 Year Old Car Into The 21st Century


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Got out of my MR2 Thursday night to nip into the shop and I noticed that one of my side lights had gone. Been looking at ultra bright LED's for a bit so spent £2.49p of my hard earned cash (you can tell I have Scottish blood) and bought a set of LED side lights.

They came this morning, fitted them and they look lush with the clear indicators.. slight hint of blue in them so I hope the coppers dont pull me but have to say it makes the old 'normal' bulbs looks like something from 1900's!


Looks better in real life.

I advise all to buy!

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Unfortunately the MOT manual states that any positional front light in the UK has to be white and if it shows as any other colour you are likely to be stopped by plod and prosecuted for a moving traffic violation (£30:00 at the moment) :(

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I had green sidelights in my Pug for quite some time and was lucky enough not to get pulled by plod.

Ofcourse they chased after me everytime I had my bloody Neon on though! When I switched to Angel Eyes they passed an MOT, and the sidelights were just the blue rings... Would not count as a failure as they're not white? I'unno...

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Shouldn't this be in the MR2 section? :huh:
It will pass the MOT as its a white LED

it not going to be moved jim cos you didnt start the thread

You're not very observant............No mention of MR2 anywhere and the topic is about LED Lights, with replies from Civic, Supra, Corolla, Golf and Sera owners ;)

"> Dragging A 17 Year Old Car Into The 21st Century, LED Lights...

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I like...

I have been running similar side lights for a few years now on the supra... (like you said they ar emuch whiter in real life, similar to a factory HID colour)

It Failed its MOT on them this year (dispite passing many times with them before!!!


Oddly enough the M3 has full LED rear light clusters, HIDs, but regular bulb side lights..... (No angel eyes!)

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