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Black Mesh....


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Basically I'm after some good quality black mesh for my car.

I will be meshing the whole in the Bomex nose and also infront of the radiotor area. I'm also considering removing the pap mesh the bodyshop put on my scoop and getting some decent black mesh in there also.

thanks for any info !!

If I wasn't getting the bomex nose I would keep the black stripes down the side of the car also. But I don't like how the Bomex nose cuts off some black stripping round the repeater area.. hence I'm getting these painted. Otherwise it would all look good with bits of black.. will still look good obviously as the tbar etc is black.

Any decals I get in future may also be black.

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Out of a can....?! na seriously you can either spray silver mesh (make sure its clean and use primer or it wont last long) or i think deamon tweek do coloured mesh....have a look in their blue catalogue.

Hope that helps.... adam :)

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cheers Jerry.. taking a looksie

oooooooh.... they do black stuff !!


Pitty I can't get their site to work properly tho so I can actually buy some. giving some PHP error.

Fatal error: session_start(): Failed to initialize storage module. in /home/potncom/public_html/cars/includes/functions/sessions.php on line 66


Maybe it's just opera.

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