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Still Trying To Undo Crankpully Bolt..


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Been using an Impact scoket and 2 and a half foot bar, i can't move it, used the ' point bar at floor crank engine method',

crankboltmethod.JPGthat won't shift it, bolts beginning to look worse for ware even though i'm using impact socket, crankbolt.JPGwhat would a garage do to undo this b :censor: d?

Please use the censor Smilie-thanx mod

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Alright mate.

I had a bolt like this on me old Yamaha FZ750, wouldnt budge no matter what !

What the garage had to do, was weld something to the bolt, then with a extended lever it 'snapped' clean free.

I have tried this method myself and all I ended up doin is snappin the head of the bolt off, leaving the threads inside, which I then have to drill out.

I would probably try drillin it out mate and puttin a brand spanker new bolt in, or drill into it and get a extraction tool into the hole you drill in the bolt, cos if you wreck it, then it will need helicoiling, a expensive job to do.

Good luck chap :thumbsup:

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or take the starter out and have an assistant wedge the flywheel wile you swing off the bar :D

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If the bolt didn't look so bad I'd say tie the bar up, roll the car and pop the clutch. You may be able to tack weld a socket to the bolt...

Will the engine run? If so, warm it up before you attempt anything further. Another suggestion would be to tack weld a wrench to the bolt.

Good luck and let us know the outcome.

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