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Callin All Toyota Owners !


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Well for those of you who have helped me with advice in my thread recently (massive thanks) will know what I am on about, for those who dont, heres a very brief account.

In a nutshell, I put £200 deposit on a MR2 GT, turns out it isnt a GT afterall, so I go to get my £200 deposit back and the garage dealer basically tells me I aint havin it back, when it was him misleading me into thinkin it was a GT and it was a basic Coupe !

So I put a web site together (complete replica of his, he he) to try and help others out there not to do business with this guy and risk losing there money.

Ths is my last mention on the matter in this forum as I wanna talk about other stuff too :) so to help me, help others, if you have a spare few mins, would you please sign the guestbook forum and basically give your opinion on how you feel about this connin garage, all the info is there.

The site can be found here : http://mattpike.co.uk

Many thanks, and if anyone else gets stung out there, let me know, will be only too happy to make it public to the entire world wide web.

Cheers :thumbsup:

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