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Corolla Gti Brakes


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Does anyone else think that the GTi has poor brakes? I have owned a few and have always found the standard brakes to be a bit dissapointing.

im looking to upgrade from standard to performance disks and pads, but was also curious if anyone has any other ideas to improve the braking. Im not talking about big brake conversions as the car will still be running standard power or there abouts.

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I know the later spec cars had bigger disks, ive owned tow early spec cars and my current one is a late spec. Unfortunately when i bought the car the brakes were already a bit poor so couldnt compare them to the early spec ones.

Ive spoken to a few people i know who have owned GTi's or currently do so and they also think the GTi's brakes are poor.

Were u thinking of going for performance disks and pads? or standard? I know the Genuine Toyota pads are good but they are pricey. You will probably find some perforance aftermarket ones are similarly priced or even cheaper :eek:

As for disks, best bet is to go for grooved as if they are drilled they are more prone to cracking.

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