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Mph Gauge In An Import


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Can i buy a new MPH speedo which reads up to 160mph and it be fitted in a import?

I've got a KMH one in as standard and the ******* cover that tells you what mph your doin doesnt let the light through!!! so it's pointless!

Anyone done this?



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Take the cover back off and get a converter/derestricter. It will convert the kilometers to miles automatically including the odometer and has the effect of derestricting the car. All you need to do is put an M sticker over the K

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The delimiter is dependent on the revision of your mr2. On a rev 1 the speedo is cable driven and the delimiter is a gearbox that is fitted into the cable. Alternatively you can fit a uk 160mph speedo and an electronic delimiter.

On later revisions the speedo is electronic.

Just bear in mind when fitting the converter/delimiter, that if you have the automatic gearbox, it will seriously screw up the gearchanges.

Not a problem if manual, although the speed sensitive power steering will be affected too. The delimiter works by muliplying the pulses by 5/8 to give mph. This has the effect of moving the 180kmh limit to 180mph.

Unfortunately all the auto gearchanges will be at mph instead of kph, with the effect that if you rev the car out it will hit the rev limiter before changing gear. Not good. Also the power steering normally has no effect over 40 mph (64kmh) now carries on working to 64mph.

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