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Im Back .. With An Mr2


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Hey all.

for those who have a really good memory you might remember i used to have a supercharged Levin (ae101).

however, i sold that on and after several cars.. im back in the toyota world. :)

here's a spec and a couple of pics:

its a 95, Rev 3 G-limited in Black,

2.0 Nasp

Sard Intake,

Sard Exhaust system

Sard MC4 front bumper

Toms Adjustable Shocks

Toms adjustable top mounts

Uprated front/rear ARB

Advan TC 17" alloys








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I wasnt going to comment on the boot honest lol anyway the car is looking nice i like the black with white wheel look but as i know the white ends up black lol


after about 3 days of driving, the wheels turn from white to black... SIGH :rolleyes:

i need some spacers. can anyone point me in the right direction ??

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hey, nice car. just wondering, do you have any idea where to get a SARD front bar like yours?

i've been searching everywhere for one for the past 2 years and i haven't been able to locate one.

i'm in perth in western australia by the way. if you have any idea please tell me!!!

did i mention i love your car!

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