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1992 Camry Dash Lights Failure

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B]I'm having the same problem. Recently i installed a kenwood cd player in my 1992 Toyota Camry. When i fired up the car for the first time after i hooked the deck up, i noticed my dash board lights was out. I think ive checked all fuses, not sure if i burned out the dimmer switch or not. I've tired hooking up the original tape player and still the dash lights remain out. All other lights on the car is working properly. If you have any ideas as too what could have caused the problem.. plz help me out...would be greatly appreciated. :help:

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Hey mate i had the exact same thing happen with my 86 corolla

did you have any wires left over like me?

Brown which is the ground wire

Green dimmer wire dunno where this goes but i know its a part of my problem

it can connect to a power wire and all the lights work but you cant turn them off

Yea not much help but anyway

Saltyjoe :arrgg-matey:

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