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Yaris Trip To Germany

Miss T Sport

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Hi everyone

happy new year to you all and i hope you had a great Christmas.

Well it was discussed a while back that we were gonna do the group buy at TRD Germany for Super Charging :hokus-pokus:

Is this still a planned event for this year. I know that Surinder was trying to organise this beut of a Yaris Event.

As i recall the minimum was 5 for the discount.

I will deffo be up for this if it is later in the year and would like to test the waters to see if others are willing to take a weekend trip and come back with even bigger smiles! :D

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The final price is what they quoted in the last thread, can't remeber of the top off my head. They won't budge anymore i guess.

So far only 2 or 3 have said yes, so i'm guessing this group buy is off. :(

Also in my case i might not have the tsport anymore come June, The honda civic type r looks more appealing day by day, just gota sort my job out.


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where is TRD germany?



Toyota-Allee 7

D-50858 Koln

obviously TMG i know about as i have many dealings with them


Am Muhlberg 15


these are the only 2 official TRD suppliers in Germany, when are yu coming over i can meet up

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To get the good deal we need to have a minimum of 5 Yarii being SC'd

I was not thinking of doing this till later part of this year, gives a chance for saving etc

Hopefully minds will change and/or others will join the list. I hope that this goes ahead.

If not, i will save up for the parts and get them shipped over.

I am hoping that Fensport (clicky) in the UK can fit the kit. Considering that they sell the Blitz version.

Oh well, we live in hope

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