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Oil Consumption

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Hello All,

Yet another problem (maybe!)

my Y reg Toyota corolla (1.4VVTi) is consuming a fair bit of oil !

I topped up at the start of the week and then did some 600 miles in that week and at the end i had to top up again (!) I was down by approx 1/4 of the threshold levels

A problem i thought, but asking the dealer, he replied, it should do 1000km (600miles) to a litre of oil !!!!!

suprised i checked the manual and it was there in black and white !

is it normal for a car to consume so much, especially if its fairly new (2 years old done around 40kmiles)

One other observation is it is always smoking, even when its been running for 1-2 hours. The dealer said it was condensation smoke !

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Try a different dealer.

Or Trading Standards... All ways gets bells ringing..

I'm having some problems with Bass Junkies at the moment about my amp and sub.

They say i've blown it but i didn't even play it loud? I was still wearing in!! They changed the sub and amp over and the same happened again. Hence Trading Standards...

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what is a short block (see below)?



Posted by Jzs147-RR:

I work at Woodland Toyota in quebec we have changed over 6 short blocks because of this problem looks like the pistons are just loose in there.I would get them to take apart your engine and get you a new short block.Tell them its a manufacturer defect and need to replace your shortblock.I am sorry to say these 1zzfe look like they have many stupid problems including changing the water pumps often and the vvti gears making noise.If you where closer i would say bring the car here so i could check it out.


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