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Slightly Jerky Sorta...


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Dunno how to best explain this.. I was flooring it in 4th yesterday and there was a bit of hesitiation. Nothing major.. but quite rapid.. on and off as if someone was quickly tapping the brake lightly.

I floored it about today to try and get it to do it again, but couldn't ... I did notice it do it the other day also though.

Any ideas?? Could it simply be a case of Dizzy Cap/Rotor Arm ??


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Yep yep! ..like a 'bucking' action eh? It could just be water in the dizzy cap end in the HT leads as rev1/2s have the pop off items. If thats doubtful your best just replacin the rotor dizzy and plugs to be safe.

Dizzy = £8

Rotor = £35

Plugs = £42 (always get the NGK Platinums BKR6EP, iridiums are a gimmick)

Dizzys have a 30k life. I think rotor is same. Best changin these both with the sparkplugs(if they are old) especially if you havent since you bought the car. The EXACT same thing happened to me on xmas. First just once (felt like a fuel cut) under heavy boost when I hit the mway off a slip road I totally didnt know what happened but thought %$( it ill deal with it later..BIG mistake...then 20min later on motorway I boosted hard in 4rth after comin outta a roadworks 30mph zone on the mway and my car just bucked more and more and eventually conked out and wouldnt start again. Happened outta the blue. Total bummer.

Youll feel an instant difference after replacin these 3 items, much smoother power output and in my case faster spoolup (cos my plugs were 50% gone but still 'ok', dizzy rotor were knackered) I couldnt beleive the amount of torque that was missin ( I had felt a a month b4 this the car was lackin power but put it down the the VSV boost retardin cos of below 4 degrees weather) Car feels fast as f :censor: ck now.

This is a doubtful possibility but it also could be a slight split in one of the hosing which would be a right BEHATCH to find. But I suppose youd be gettin buckin all the time then but you never know cos so many people have worked on you car recently..maybe didnt reattatch the hosin properly at some point.

Id go with the first option.

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Before I wrote this post I went to Toyota and ordered a new dizzy cap and rotor arm, cos I thought that might be the case. I'll order leads from fensport tomorrow.. and also plugs. That should hopefully sort the bugger out.

What plugs are best to get from fensport ??

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C'mon Bibbs... where are you ?? I know you'll know the answer to this one.

MR2's love eating electrics .. as people have said .. check the plugs/leads/dizzy & rotor arm ..

Get a copper contact dizzy cap if you can .. and check your plugs .. de-fur your leads and reset the ECU ..

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