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Hi folks

Thought I would introduce myself :)

I have owned a Toyota for about 14 months now, the first being a Celica GT-Four ST185 and as of November I now drive a 1996 ST205.

I see a couple of familiar names from other forums I post on. I also met briefly a few of the members at a meet in Reading back in October. :)

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Thanks for the welcome :D

Here's a larger picture of my car. You can see part of my old ST185 sitting beside.


To give the full details - I might forget something though.

Its a 1996 UK ST205 N Plate with 49k miles

Current Modifications :-

HKS Exhaust

HKS Induction Kit

HKS SSQV Blow-off valve

HKS EVC 5 Boost Controller

HKS Fuel Cut Defender

HKS Turbo Timer

Revotek Boost Gauge

PIAA Silicon Wipers

All of the HKS stuff was fitted by the previous owner (must have held stock in HKS), the last two were my christmas pressies :D

Heres another picture of the car - this time the important bit :)


In the very near future I plan to add Water Injection and Cusco Strut Braces. Its my intention to get the car nicely setup for some track use, hopefully I'll be able to get along to some meets :)

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hi mate, nice looking celica.

i really recommend water injection to anyone running forced induction does make a differance and also gives you a bigger safety margin.look forward to seeing you at some meets :thumbsup:

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Hi Sirius

Now that's one fine motor there mate. Black always a good choice in colour. Your car looks mint mate. I can see that you spend a hell of a lot of time on your car.

Very nice :drool::drool::drool::drool:


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Thanks again for the welcomes :D

The car is in pretty nice condition - I am a perfectionist, when it comes to cars, which doesnt help my wallet!

There are a couple of paint chips I want to get sorted out and a scuff in the interior that will happen pretty soon.

Also the wheels are really bugging me - they are filthy :o

I have tried everything I can think of to clean them - Soap and Hot water, Autoglym Clean Wheels, WonderWheels, Blasting them with a high pressure washer and combinations of all of that they still wont clean up. I think they will need a refurb or at the least sand blasting (or similar) and relaquering, but i'm not sure where I can get this done for a reasonable price.

A decent set of alloy wheels (OZ Chrono's) is on my list so it isnt a great priority.

Will be taking a steam cleaner to the engine in the next couple of days aswell :)

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Hi Sirius

Try Autosol to clean up the wheels. That's what i use and it's better that all the alloy wheel cleaners as it's made for shiny stuff Eg chrome stainless steel and so on. Will only set you back about £4.00 for the tube and it works wonders :thumbsup:

Web site



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