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Well If Everyone Else Is Asking....


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Had a little look at the bank balance today....lets just say it dont balance :lol:

So i hate to say it but once the GT4 is sold i got other non-car related things to put the dosh to. So by by thoughts of the supra for the time being.

I'd like to stay Toyota if i can because i love this club and nothing much else appeals to me.

So anyway lets talk budgets. Im looking to spend between £1500-3000. This car has got to last at least the next 12 months then i can get back in the game :D

So far here are the possibilities:

Toyota Supra MK3 Turbo/NA

If i cant afford a mk4 at the moment a mk3 will more than do. Always fancied 'pop-up' headlights :lol: £1500 will buy me one of the last n/a uk cars or £2500 will buy one of the last turbo uk cars.

Toyota/Lexus Soarer

Never been quite sure about the looks of these things. Forget the 3ltr and the 4ltr. Too thirsty and not enough power for the size of the engines. It'll be the 2.5 Twin Turbo 1jz. £3000 will get me one of these but this really is pushing the balance a bit.

Isnt the Lexus Soarer a UK Car? i know toyota never released their version over here. What kinda toys do you get?

Ford Scorpio

Yeah yeah i know - 'Fix Or Repair Daily' - My dad is keen on me getting either one of these or a Supra mk3. The reason this is because for £1500-2000 i can get a Ultima (Top of the range - has everything) with the Cosworth 24v 2.9 V6 engine. Bit of a barge but fully loaded and cheap as chips - £400 insurance!

Need some help- if you can suggest anything else that would be cool but im looking for nothing less than 2000cc, no Nissans, got to be within my budget approx and above all MUST BE UK :lol: Or else im not gonna be able to afford insurance :lol::thumbsup:

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Go for the ford. Used to have one.......which shape are you on about or better still which year.......mine was a '94 looked like a frog from the front. fantastic to drive and like you say has everything. dont worry about the stigma thats attached to a ford. i never had a prob with mine :thumbsup:

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Yeah its the new shape frog eye version :lol:

I've seen a 1995 N Reg Ultima Cosworth for £1500.

Will cost me less than £300 to insure so financially sound car.

Fully loaded and a 205bhp 2.9 24v V6 isnt bad going also.

Some people strap Turbos onto these cars and get over 400bhp!

Hell of a lot of car for the money.

Thanks guys i think im going Scorpio unless i fine a cracking mk3 supra. :thumbsup:

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Cheers dude, money has become really tight lately. Im going for the ford now but will stay with the club and hopefully in the summer things will be better and i can get another Toyota. :thumbsup:

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you can gen a 5th gen GT4 at the 2.5k mark.. or just a standard 2.0GT ...

if you check my pics out of my car you will see i got it and the rims for £2.2k a few months back...cant go wrong...

and if you want a cheap car then you can pick up a G plate for about £1300... and they will easily last a year!

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If I was in your situation I would forget even spending £1.5k let alone £3k on a car. Just buy some piece of junk to get you around, that way you'll save even more money and will be able to return to performance all the sooner.

IMO of course :)

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Thanks guys.

Im not really after another celica after having two already.

And im looking for the most power i can get against the price and the age of the vehicle.

For approx £1500 you could get a mk3 supra J Reg so thats 200-230bhp but it looks a bit ancient now.

For £1500 i can get a 96 N Reg Scorpio Ultima 24v Cossie. Modern looking over 200bhp n/a.

I wont be loosing out performance wise with this, the 0-60 is the late 7secs.

Also the fact its kitted out like a Lexus for toys etc.

Most cars for this money are quite old and grotty but the scorpio is an exception if you dont mind the way it looks. :lol:

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