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Here's a really basic question - on replacing a bulb for the low-lights in my 98 Avensis, I found that the wire bracket that keeps the bulb in place is very difficult (for me) to replace securely.

I am positive that the the replacement bulb is correct, and is inserted in to the casing properly.

Has anyone experienced similar difficulty? I am pretty inexperienced regarding car maintenance, but thought that I would be able to handle this trivial task... :crybaby:

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The retaining wire is normally hinged at the top,all you need to do is to flick the open ends of the wire off the pegs on the headlight.

Ensure the bulb is located correctly otherwise it will throw the "beam pattern" out .

If you have a handbook with the vehicle, it will show you how to do it.


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Thanks for the reply. Tried that, it's hinged at the bottom, but when replacing it, the wire does not seem to catch at the top where it should.

No worries, I'll give it a go again this evening. I was just wondering if other people had similar problems. Obviously it's just me!!! :(

Thanks for your help!

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I found that the right hand light can be quite hard to get the cover back on at times. I got a new cover for it however and it worked fine. The wire catch can snag on the cover as you press it on. Be careful you don't do it too often or you will have to use another cover, maybe from one of the other lights..

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