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Anyone Got Any Pics Of Ep91 Starlet

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alright mate, first off welcome to the club, another good forum is toyotaownersclub.com there dedicated to the starlet.

u should be able to put on 17s with not too much hastle,

i think u need to remove the inner gards at the front and also have the right ofset which i think is 38, but someone else would have to veruify this.

the clear inciaters for the ep91 can be purchased from toyota, but dont go for the whole unit as u only need the clear lense which screws onto the unit costing 11 nicker,

hope this helps.


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:thumbsup: Cheers people thats a big help. i cant really find that much on the internet about starlets? i recently heard that a vauxhall corsa rear spoiler would fit on the starlet is this true? i only have a 1.3 but am looking to put a new engine in soon hopefully a turbo:thumbsup:
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RE: 17's rear arches need rolling or very stiff suspension, reomve front splash gards and cut back mouning brackets for splash gards. With an ET38 they will catch the chassi lightly on full lock ET40's don't.

I know caust thats whats on my car.


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alright starletpower, got any pics of your mota,

there are lots of tuning and customizing parts for the ep91 starlet, the only probelm is that its all catered fo in japland,

meaning that even if u could aford the shipping cost ud have problems with the language barrier.

u could could find a company to buy the stuff and ship it over for u but like i said its well expensive :blink:

some non glanza jap sites for you to beast at :drool:

reflet ism

starlet carat

grey ep91

refler tuning

touring with ep91 carat

ull notice on the last link that there is a link fo starlet wegbring,

click on that and that will take u to loads of starlet related sites.

ull need some sort of online translater

heres one.

world lingo

there are free quicker and better ones tho. :huh:

iv never heard of a corsa spoiler bein fitted before but it would be worth a blast

hope this helps dude :thumbsup:

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